Emphasis on Reuse: Cerebra’s main goal is to reuse equipment as much as possible. Through refurbishment, redeployment, resale, and disassembly, greater value recovery and sustainability is achieved. All equipment comes from reliable sources like computer manufacturers(OEM), Fortune 500 companies (bulk consumers), and other reputable wholesalers.

Via these sources we also acquire OEM unsold inventory, returned unopened items (we label these as “factory recertified”) and products that have come to the end of their leasing cycle (off-lease equipment).

Refurbishment Process: :



Cerebra’s certified technicians assess the resale potential of an asset based on the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition. Any system entering our refurbishment facility goes through a stringent inspection process. We begin with a thorough test of the device’s current functionality and ensure the unit functions up to our standards. If the unit does not meet our standards, it is marked as defective and destroyed and recycled up to R2 and other ISO standards.


Data Wipe/ Destructions

Machines that pass the initial inspection will continue on to get wiped clean, both inside and out. All data will be wiped by a certified technician using software like Blancco, White Canyon etc. and any cosmetic defects will be touched up or repaired. These machines will look and work like new upon purchase and no remnants of the old data or information is retrievable. The hard disks that need to be destroyed are ground to powder in our state of art facility.


Repair & Remanufacture

Our refurbishment and repair services address cosmetic defects, broken or missing components and testing the unit for functionality prior to redeployment. Memory or hard drive upgrades can provide cost-effective performance boosts and help further extend the asset lifecycle. The devices are restored to the original equipment manufacturer specifications by our technicians in our fully owned and operated 37,000 square foot Technology and Refurbishment Center.


TPR Partner

Cerebra Green also is a TPR partner of Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program. We follow strict requirements established by Microsoft to ensure customers receive a high-quality, professionally refurbished device installed with genuine Microsoft Windows.


Repacking & Warranty

Repacking & Warranty