We understand the challenges that come with managing the end-of-life IT assets, the service agreements, managing the STPI/ SEZ documentation and the downstream value recovery. We have the tools and the staff to help you at all stages of the IT asset disposition program.

We help manage your outbound logistics, issue shipments, select providers and attach item tag to your shipments. Cerebra has an in-house developed proprietary tool: SPOCK (System Protocol of Cerebra's Knowledge) to help you manage all of your expectations in real-time and share the same with your key stake holders. We help you establish a clean, clear and consistent data transparency from the beginning.

We help clients gain visibility into what happens to your assets while in the process of dismantling. We also monitor and manage rules concerning materials flow, data wiping and data destruction on site. Cerebra trained staff seamlessly translates the on-floor information into a digital workflow to give real-time visibility into the progress of the operations in SPOCK.

We track all disposition activities including reuse, re-sale, and recycling in great detail with our digital information platform, SPOCK. Cerebra will manage proper disposition of the assets as per the Pollution Control Board approved norms with zero land fill commit. We will also be issuing the destruction certificate for all recycled devices within 45 days of asset disposition.

Our proprietary tool, SPOCK helps you gain access to a wide array of data from the first-mile logistics to the last-mile disposition and everything in between. Our digital analytics tool SPOCK provides a broader data-set to help guide you through continuous and measurable improvement.

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