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Repair and Refurbishment

Cerebra believes in achieving the maximum utility from our electronic devices, either through the recycling of parts or through the complete refurbishing of electronic devices for resale or future use.

Many organizations dispose of certain electronic devices once they are deemed obsolete or no longer useful, without realizing the ease in which these devices can be repaired and offered for resale. Electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and PCs can be completely refurbished, wiped of sensitive information, and resold to other users instead of being disposed of.

Our team of trained specialists will ensure that all sensitive data is wiped from the device before it is refurbished and resold.

Cerebra’s E-Waste Management team consists of exceptionally qualified employees who specialize in the complete refurbishment and resale of electronic assets.


Device Auditing & Tracking – Cerebra performs a thorough series of tests and audits, on all received electronic equipment, to determine the device’s usefulness and to secure each major component’s vital tracking information.

Data Security – A strict, thorough Data Management process is employed to ensure the protection of all sensitive data. Due to the sensitive information contained in almost all electronic memory components, Cerebra adheres to these stringent procedures in order to prevent any data from being compromised.

Valuation – Based on market conditions at the time, Cerebra will evaluate the demand and asking price of different equipment. The validation process also determines the potential Return On Investment that a company stands to achieve through refurbishment versus standard recycling of devices.

The highly beneficial concept of re-use and refurbishment allows users to create opportunity from their waste material.
Cerebra’s thorough E-Waste Management processes eliminate the risks involved with sending electronics for refurbishment and resale. By allowing us to evaluate your E-Waste stream for potential refurbishment opportunities, your company is contributing back to society in a significant way.


Give us a call to find out how!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact us via phone or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
We look forward to hearing from you.


CALL TOLL FREE 1800 425 46969 for E-Waste Pick Up and Enquiries. Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited is a E-Waste Recycling Solution Provider and is R2 Certified (Responsible Recycling) Company.



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