Medical transcription

Medical Transcription is the conversion of voice files dictated by medical professionals, into electronic data files in a prescribed format. On a daily basis, Doctors dictate their observations and findings on individual patient consultations into convenient recording devices like handheld cassette recorders or state-of-the-art digital recording devices. Medical Transcription ensures these files are made accessible, and easy to utilize.

Cerebra MT provides IT Solutions for practicing physicians and healthcare organizations. Our products and services are affordable, interoperable, pragmatic, compliant, and secure. We are providing transcription services and solutions to doctors in the United Kingdom and USA.

We strive to ensure:

1. A network of experienced, qualified Transcriptionists.
2.Constant monitoring of quality and turnaround times to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards
3.Transcription coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Accelerated billing cycles for improved cash flow.
4.Improved standards with best practices with HIPPA and DPA compliance.

Advantages :

  1. We focus on delivering added value to businesses by lowering costs, augmenting staff and providing high-end work.
  2. We offer end-to-end service from the appropriate professionals, equipped with the right skills for each task.
  3. Our industry acumen, working capabilities, alliances, global resources, and technology allows us to deliver competitively priced, high-quality services.

The Process :


Benefits :

  1. Experienced professionals available 24×7, 365 days a year, possessing experience across various types of work and specialties.
  2. We handle all aspects of Transcription, including Production, Q&As, and Transition.
  3. 100% accuracy on all key verified work, with timely delivery of the output.
  4. Provision of output in the required format, with a quick turn-around time.


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