Legal Transcription

Cerebra LPO Solutions provides :

  • Transcription
  • Document Coding & Indexing
  • Legal Research
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Document Review
  • Customized Service Solution
  • Full Time Staffing Support
  • Security & Client Confidentiality
  • The Team


Cerebra’s legal transcription service is second to none. Cerebra’s transcribers can transcribe all documents, ranging from a simple letter, to a complicated motion for summary judgment or appellate brief. The documents are transcribed in accordance with proper citation rules for cases, statutes and treatises.

Digital Dictation : Cerebra provides, at no cost to clients, training on dictation and transmittal of dictations through a secure ftp site.

Handwritten Documents : For Attorneys that prefer to handwrite their documents, simply send the handwritten document, either via facsimile or by way of scanning, to Cerebra for transcription.

Cerebra also transcribes the following types of documents :

  • General business documents.
  • Medical summaries/files
  • Dialogue/Interview Files
  • Trial/Hearing Transcripts

Transcription Quality Control and benefits:

  • All transcribed documents are proofread and edited (if required) by qualified Attorneys at no extra cost to clients.
  • The transcription service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no added charge for same day service (8 hour turn around time).
  • In many cases, the transcription can be completed in less than four hours where it will involve an additional charge.


Cerebra’s coding and indexing team use the latest state-of-the-art software, similar to that used by major law firms and corporate legal departments.

Cerebra supports a wide range of formats for data delivery and provides customised files to transfer documents into your document management software including Concordance, Summation, Case Map and Ringtail.

Cerebra assists clients in developing smart intuitive coding specifications. Typical fields include Bates Numbers, Attachment Range, Document Title, Author, and Recipient, Names in Text, Dates, Document Type and Document Characteristics.

Cerebra can code documents for each phase of the litigation process: client interview, case assessment, investigation, summons and complaint, discovery, pre-trial pleadings, trial preparation, trial and appeal.

Services offered by Cerebra include :

  • Objective Coding
  • Bibliographic Indexing
  • Detailed Indexing
  • Subjective Coding
  • Full text Capture
  • Document Coding

Cerebra’s Objective Coding Services : Objective Coding is the process by which skilled and trained document specialists review every document and prepare a computerised index of basic objective data about each document, including: Document date, Author(s), Recipient(s), Document Type, Title, Box number.

Cerebra Specialised Coding Services : Cerebra also has a specialised service that provides a more comprehensive coding process in addition to the objective coding that includes keywords and relevant data coding from the document text. Such coding is flexible and specific to individual company requirements.


Cerebra’s offshore Attorneys and paralegals are proficient at conducting legal research and drafting various documents.

All employees conducting legal research have complete access to the latest in on-line research tools including Lexis, Westlaw, and Findlaw and are able to prepare Legal Memoranda in the traditional format.

Cerebra provides legal research services in many different areas including, but not limited to, class actions, toxic torts, personal injury, product’s liability, worker’s compensation, securities law, real estate, insurance law and corporate law.

Cerebra’s legal research Attorneys and paralegals can assist in many areas:

  • Litigation and non-litigation legal research.
  • Reviewing and drafting legal documents.
  • Drafting research memoranda and legal opinions.
  • Reviewing and summarizing legal documents.
  • Case Law research.
  • Preparation of detailed analysis of relevant issues.

Cerebra Quality Control and Benefits:

  • All Cerebra researchers are qualified Attorneys and paralegals, and have completed a rigorous training programme.
  • All memoranda and opinions are reviewed by quality control analysts.
  • All memoranda and opinions are reviewed by qualified Attorneys.
  • Work at Cerebra passes through different levels of Quality Control at no extra cost thus offering extremely competitive pricing.


Cerebra prepares deposition summaries for solo practitioners and law firms throughout the United Kingdom & United States. Cerebra’s deposition summaries are unique in that each summary is tailored to meet the specific needs of the attorney/law firm client.
The deposition summaries can be prepared in the following formats:

  1. Traditional “page, line”.
  2. A “memorandum”, which can serve as a “Reader’s Digest” version of the deposition.
  3. Summary of only the testimony that is relevant to a particular issue.

Qualifications and Efficiency :

  • All deposition summaries are prepared by Attorneys.
  • All Cerebra Attorneys must complete a rigorous training program.
  • The deposition summary training program requires a minimum of 120 hours of “practice” deposition summaries. These “practice” summaries range from personal injury matters to complex legal malpractice, and multi-party toxic tort matters.
  • All summaries are reviewed by a practicing attorney to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Due to the number of qualified Attorneys who can prepare deposition summaries, Cerebra can work on multiple summaries simultaneously. This eliminates the “wait time” in having an associate/paralegal prepare these summaries one at a time.
  • Apart from the efficiency and accuracy, the cost to have Cerebra prepare deposition summaries is at least 40% less than what most firms pay qualified paralegals/Attorneys to prepare these same summaries.


At Cerebra we recognize the importance of providing low cost, high quality document review services. We understand that document review is a time consuming and often labour intensive process that may be cost prohibitive to some. Cerebra is able to assemble and manage a team of highly qualified legal professionals to conduct a subjective review of documents.

Cerebra can assist in the review of hundreds, thousands or even millions of documents by:

  • Identifying the client’s needs, including turnaround time.
  • Coordinating an onshore/offshore team as required (it can coordinate an entire team of Indian
  • Attorneys within 14 days and start training them in the review process).
  • Arranging for paper documents to be scanned, or accept client’s scanned documents.

By using Cerebra to carry out their requisite document review projects, firms can meet their own clients’ time and cost demands.


Cerebra could provide an in-office consultation. A Cerebra consultant will either come to your office or the client could send Cerebra the details of the current office set up. Based on this Cerebra can evaluate your current office needs, and provide an assessment as to how you can reduce your office overhead by 30-50%. Cerebra will then prepare a “Customised Service Solution Package” aimed at the specific needs of your office.

Why a Cerebra Service Solution Package? By using a Customised Service Solution Package aimed at your specific needs, your office will be able to immediately:

  • Allow your associates to concentrate on higher quality core legal work ensuring a much higher level of job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Allocate secretarial and in-house paralegal support where most efficient.
  • Eliminate the necessity of having to hire temporary secretaries and support staffs who charge much higher rates.
  • Eliminate overtime pay.
  • Eliminate in-house word processing and accounting functions.
  • Have around the clock help available 24/7 without the cost of having to pay additional benefits or a full-time salary.


Through Cerebra, your firm or business can have direct and exclusive access to our Attorneys, paralegals, accountants, transcribers and other offshore support staff.

All Cerebra employees are required to complete a rigorous training program. Depending on the client’s needs, Cerebra will train its employees to meet your specific requirements. You then communicate directly with your Cerebra offshore employee via email, internet voice or internet messenger.

• Attorneys : Cerebra employs only highly qualified Attorneys from the best law schools in India. Our Attorneys have experience in a wide variety of legal matters and are qualified to conduct legal research, draft various documents, including, complicated motions and applications, and many other legal related services.

• Paralegals/Law Clerks : Cerebra paralegals are highly skilled and proficient at performing a wide range of legal tasks, including legal research; document coding and indexing, drafting documents, preparation of depositions, deposition/trial summaries, and review and editing of documents.

• Accountant/Bookkeeper : Save considerable expense by assigning your firm’s billing, bookkeeping and other accounting requirements to a fully qualified Cerebra accountant or bookkeeper.

• Transcribers : Cerebra’s legal transcription service is second to none. Cerebra’s transcribers can transcribe all legal documents, ranging from a simple letter, to a complicated motion for summary judgment or appellate brief. The documents are transcribed in accordance with proper citation rules for cases, statutes and treatises.

• Data Entry Clerks : Cerebra data entry clerks can perform basic functions such as creating name/address lists, entering any type of data into a format required by the client or entering data using a client’s specified software.



Attention is rightly focused upon the security issues associated with transmitting data to a foreign site. Cerebra, has dealt directly with these issues and implemented innovative internal safeguards into their outsourcing process. Cerebra’s in-depth security measures ensure that the organization is at the forefront of data protection and confidentiality.

Cerebra’s security and confidentiality policy includes the following measures.

  • Extensive internal security, with several internal and external check-points to ensure security, confidentiality of clients’ legal and business data, as well as product integrity.
  • No employee is ever permitted to enter the facility’s premises without proper identification credentials.
  • Monitoring cameras located on floors to track employee movement.
  • Security personnel are deployed in all entry and exit points.
  • Employee movement must be authorized by the acting supervisor or the department concerned with the function at hand.
  • Personal communications or data recording devices, such as mobile phones, are not permitted anywhere on the production or facility floor.
  • Restriction of shared information: Employees from one team cannot access data from another.
  • Password protection : Every computer and folder is password protected.
  • Data Integrity and Protection Component: All data is monitored and checked when relayed and when received from clients.
  • No individual is permitted to access personal e-mails from their respective work stations.
  • Cerebra’s data is relayed predominantly via broadband and a secure server with all electronic entry points secured and all data movement logged.
  • Cerebra’s intranet server and the data server are, by design, not located together. A hardware firewall is implemented to provide string security policy for LAN and WAN.

Further physical safeguards round out the company’s overall security measures. Employees are not permitted to bring paper on the work floor or take out any paper product outside of its confines. Security staff ensures this and any paper work material is shredded after use. Handbags or purses are forbidden, and personal items are checked on the floor of the facility upon entering.


Mr. V Ranganathan is the vision behind Cerebra’s LPO Division. He realised the importance of having reliable and efficient support staff available around the clock, not just for Attorneys, but for the law firms as a whole. It was with this in mind, that he formed Cerebra – LPO Division. His vision was for Cerebra to be a global leader in the provision of not only traditional administrative functions i.e. transcription, accounting, coding/indexing and data entry, but also more complex legal services such as research, document review and drafting, deposition summaries and access to full time offshore Attorneys and paralegals.
To achieve this goal, Cerebra provides clients with cutting edge services that offer a compelling value and create a competitive edge.


Mrs. Shobha Srinivas is Cerebra LPO Division’s Chief Executive Officer.
Shobha Srinivas a post graduate in commerce and a graduate in law. She has been on the panel of Karnataka State Legal Services Authority and has practiced law in High Court of Karnataka and various other Courts, Tribunals and Forums.
Mrs. Shobha Srinivasa has had articles published on Outsourcing and the Legal Profession, and been interviewed by the press for comment as a leading authority in the field.


Mrs. Sheela S. Rao a law graduate has practiced for over 22 years. She has practiced in Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi and High court of Karnataka and various other courts and forums. As a legal adviser she has rendered service for multinational companies and other private companies at Bangalore.


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