Kpo Solutions

Cerebra KPO Solutions provides :

  • Computer Aided Design,
  • 2D/3D Animation and Drafting solutions,
  • code check services and
  • full cycle software projects for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry in North America and Europe.

Cerebra’s team comprises of highly talented architects and engineers, skilled in various disciplines, equipped with a wide range of software packages to help service our clients better, is well versed with international construction technology and building codes.

Global experience

Large and scalable teams of experienced professionals

24 hour operations utilizing the 12-hour time difference

State-of-the-art infrastructure

A reliable and efficient partnership

KPO Services

Cerebra provides specialized services for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.

We aim to extend your office by providing professional computer aided design (CAD) services to architects, building services contractors, consultant engineers, civil and structural engineers and consultants, developers and main contractors.


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CALL TOLL FREE 1800 425 46969 for E-Waste Pick Up and Enquiries. Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited is a E-Waste Recycling Solution Provider and is R2 Certified (Responsible Recycling) Company.



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