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Cerebra has set up one of the largest e-Waste facilities in India, with the aim of becoming a leading player in this business. The vast potential of this industry extends well beyond its ability to generate huge revenues and profits for the company, and its shareholders, as it also provides a way to protect the environment and lessen our harmful impact on Mother Nature. By setting up a world class e-Waste facility, Cerebra understands the magnitude of the social responsibility that this project entails, and is driven to achieve it.

Cerebra has already received KSPCB (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board) licensing at its brand new facility for processing e-Waste, Recycling and management activities. The first phase of the same has been completed on a 12-acre property, acquired through KIADB at Narasapura, Kolar District.

On the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5th, Cerebra officially began its marketing initiatives, and the started collection of E-Waste through the launch of its Mobile Drive.

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Cerebra currently offers the following services :

Repair, refurbishment and reuse of all electronic and electrical equipments;

Integrated EHS System (ISO & OHSAS Standard);

Salvaging of components, and selling it back to the manufacturer/s concerned;

Web-based trading, services & accessibility;

Fully integrated E-Waste Management and Base-metal Recycling;

Logistics and Warehousing Facilities present worldwide;

Waste Management at source;

Training of technical personnel;

Total support in scrap handling, collection, transport, documentation, shipping, and other related areas;

Commissioning of day-to-day operations;

100% recycling of all collected E-Waste, with zero use of landfills;

Providing Market Support;

World-class Security system.

Data Destruction Services

Contractual obligations, government regulations, identity theft threats, and other security concerns usually impose stringent protocols to ensure the safeguarding of private data. Rigorous efforts are often required for the effective elimination of confidential records from electronic circuitry or drives as simply erasing data doesn’t necessarily mean that the information is no longer accessible.

To protect yourself and your company from potential data loss, our commercial components shredder ensures the efficient destroying of hard drives, prototype units, processors, chips and other sensitive storage media devices. With CEREBRA, you can be confident that the records, files, and programs which may still reside on surplus or outdated equipment will never be found on the secondary market, in the hands of thieves – or in the research labs of your competitors.

Do not settle for recycling services that simply “wipe” your components. Insist on complete and total destruction through an organization that will provide secure and efficient disposal of all your electronic components and equipment.


Recycling Products

Cerebra Green Recycling specializes in an environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste.

Cerebra will possess the highest capacity, and most technologically advanced, E-Waste Shredding System in India, thus providing our customers with the maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. All material sent to Cerebra will be 100% recycled into 3 main commodities – Metals, Plastic & Glass – with absolutely no electronics being placed in landfills.



The Cerebra Group has set out on a unique mission to lead Cerebra into a green future. Efforts towards this perspective will lead to us becoming a global leader in open innovation, for new green products and green recycling methods.

The research being conducted at Cerebra focuses on the conversion of e-Waste generated plastic, metal & copper, aimed towards a greener environment carried out with local Universities and research institutes.

Cerebra strives for open innovation with academia, industry collaborators and independent researchers. On-going talks could see the implementation of some of our projects at leading Educational Institutes, Research Organisations and the Industry.

Corporate Sustainability

Cerebra E-Waste Recycling Management as our certifications say Reduce Reuse Recycle. Firstly we encourage all at Cerebra and its clients for reduction in generation, we believe in segregation at source, and reuse and recycle all waste materials collected.

Reducing the generation of e-waste in one of the most important functions and we are pursuing this by raising awareness and conducting awareness weeks. http://cerebracomputers.com/ewaste/ (Cleanup Week) While e-waste is the predominant type of waste generated, Cerebra also generates relatively smaller portion of muncipal waste and hazardous waste such as laptop & lead acid batteries that we collect from our clients.

In line with the principles of sustainability, we try to leverage the e-waste we generate by reusing it in different processes, for instance, garden waste is composted and the compost generated serves as an excellent bio-fertilizer, which helps Cerebra avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, and resultant soil and groundwater pollution at its factory and corporate offices.

Waste Management Methods:

Food and garden waste is composted and used at the factory and corporate offices
Hazardous and e-waste is disposed as per government regulations we being one of the largest e-waste recyclers in compliance with local regulations
Paper waste is shredded and sent for recycling. Mixed dry waste is collected by municipal suthorities
Printer and toner cartridges are sent back to the manufacturers under product take-back arrangements
We have a total ban on use of plastic bottle contained water

Our specific plastic bottle water consumption has also reduced significantly, thanks to the awareness created among employees. The waste office paper is shredded and recycled. Our plastic and HWM recycling service providers undergo a stringent due-diligence audit process to ensure compliance with health, safety, and environment (HSE)-related regulations. Cerebra conducts a overall review as well as detailed site audit to check if these practices are being followed by suppliers.

We Are Certified.


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CALL TOLL FREE 1800 425 46969 for E-Waste Pick Up and Enquiries. Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited is a E-Waste Recycling Solution Provider and is R2 Certified (Responsible Recycling) Company.



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