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Cerebra Green Recycling specialize in a environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste.

Cerebra will have the highest capacity and most technologically advanced E-Waste Shredding System in India, thus providing our customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. All material sent to Cerebra will be 100% recycled into 3 main commodities: metals, plastic and glass. No electronics are placed in landfills.

Products that we recycle would include:
  1. Televisions
  2. Monitors
  3. Laptops
  4. Plasmas
  5. LCD's
  6. Printers
  7. Fax Machines
  8. Key Boards
  9. Mice
  10. Stereo Equipment
  11. Network Equipment
  12. Servers
  13. Telecom Equipment
  14. Cell Phones
  15. DVD Players
  16. Copy Machines
  17. All Business/Office Electronics
  18. Medical Equipment with NO BIO Hazards
  19. White Goods
  20. Light Bulbs
  21. Batteries
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