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Equipment Destruction Services

Contractual obligations, government regulations, identity theft threats, and other security concerns can impose stringent protocols for safeguarding private data. Rigorous efforts are often required for the effective elimination of confidential records from electronic circuitry or drives and simply erasing data doesn't always mean that the information is no longer accessible. To protect yourself and your company from potential data loss, hard drives, prototype units, processors, chips and other sensitive storage media can be physically destroyed with our commercial components shredder. With E-Recycle USA destruction services, you can be confident that the records, files, and programs which may still reside on surplus or outdated equipment will never be found on the secondary market, in the hands of thieves - or in the research labs of your competitors.

Do not settle for recycling services that simply "wipe" your components. Insist on complete and total destruction through an organization that will provide secure and efficient disposal of all your electronic components and equipment.
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