Corporate Governance

The purpose of leadership is to employ the right people, capable of creating wealth legally and ethically. This brings a high level of satisfaction to customers, employees, investors, and vendors. Corporate governance is a reflection of quality, process, our relationship with stakeholders, and our commitment to values.

Corporate Governance Report as per Regulation 27(2) for quarter ended 31-03-2016

Corporate Goverenance Report as per Clause-49 for quarter ended 31-12-2015

Quarterly Compliance Report for quarter ended 30-09-2015

Quarterly Compliance Report for quarter ended 30-06-2015

Investor Presentation May 2016

Terms and conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors

Criteria for making payment to Non- Executive Directors

Familiarization Program for Directors on the Board

Remuneration Criteria for Non-Executive Directors

Code of Conduct for Non-Executive Directors

Related Party Transaction Policy

Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions

Whistle Blower Policy

Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading

Policy for Preservation of Documents

Policy on Material Subsidiaries

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