Cerebra is an established name providing IT and IT-enabled Services. With the inauguration of its E-waste Recycling Facility at Narasapura, Kolar District, supported by a team of over 150 dedicated professionals, the company has embarked on a major expansion program. It has set up independent offices in the Middle East for companies such as Fibernetix, Solus, Fujitsu, Neverfail, Canon, FalconStor, Perpetuuiti, Actifio and Milestone.


Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited commenced its business in 1992, as a player in the Hardware Sector, before later expanding to provide software services, IT training, Consulting, and offering Total IT Solutions comprising of LPO, BPO and KPO services.

  1. Integrated Technologies, a partnership firm, was established on July 25th, 1992, by technocrats Mr. V. Ranganathan and Mr. Gururaj K Upadhya, and specialized in the manufacturing of Computer Systems and trading of its peripherals, components, etc. Monolithic Components & Peripherals, a partnership firm that deals in trading of Electronic Components etc. was also formed.

  2. Cerebra was converted to a Public Limited Company in December 1993. Cerebra began operations as a registered SSI unit in Bangalore, established in May 1992, for the manufacturing of Personal Computers, and solutions built around PCs. Supplies contributed to Defence, ASCON Project and Railways Telemetry Project.

  3. Cerebra began its endeavor for Backward Integration through the manufacturing of Motherboards, Add-on Cards, etc. Established a branch office in Chennai. Cerebra became preferred vendors for Bank Of India for their Total Branch Mechanisation.

  4. Cerebra was the first company to have their range of PCs – 386SX, 386DX, 486 & Pentium etc. – manufactured and certified under the stringent test standards, as defined by Dept. of Electronics (DOE) in their document ‘DOE / ST / TQC / 1 / COMPUTER / 92’. This test ensures that all computers manufactured in this range by Cerebra meets the stringent safety standards regarding electrical and electro-magnetic radiation, similar to the American Standards FCC Class B. The Cerebra systems also withstood all types of hazardous electrical and climatic conditions such as voltage surges, transients, electrostatic discharges, temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius and as high as 55 degrees Celsius, drop tests, 3-axis vibration test, etc.
    Cerebra ventured into Training, and established a franchisee of Aptech Limited in Koramangala to provide the growing software industry with knowledge.
    Cerebra launched India’s first Home Computer, which included multimedia, fax, voice, karaoke features bundled along with the system. It also developed a GUI to allow operation of all of these facilities with a simple click of the button.
    Established offices in Hyderabad & Coimbatore.

  5. Cerebra was the first company to achieve the Dept. of Telecom’s DOT – QA approval, allowing their equipment to be used in Telephone Exchanges. The procedures for DOT – QA approval is akin to that of ISO-9000, wherein the stress is laid upon the System, procedures of Manufacturing and Quality Control. The reliability of Cerebra systems is showcased by its usage in Telephone Exchanges all over the country, in remote areas such as Jammu, Shimla, Mehsana, etc., present in dusty plants operating almost 24 / 7.
    We ranked 7th (according to the DQ TOP 20 rating) out of the ‘Top 10 Micro Vendors’ in India. Received a major order from the University of Agricultural Sciences for the supply of Computers to various districts spread across Karnataka.

  6. Received a major order from one of the leading Banks – Bank of India for complete computerization of its 7 branches in Bangalore (Total Branch Mechanisation).
    Received orders from ITI for 800 units of PCs and Printers, to be supplied to various locations.

  7. Received a major order for the supply of Computer Systems to DOT, the prestigious CTMX project, which included 46 Trunk locations, and a total of 1500 computer systems, printers & other peripherals.
    Initial order from DOT to ITI was for 38 exchanges, which extended up to 46 exchanges spread across the country. Cerebra’s first order from ITI was received on 8th Sept 1997, valued at 6,33,95,623.00 + Excise Duty + Sales Tax as Applicable.
    Received major orders from ECIL & HTL.
    Established an office in Mumbai.
    Software Development order from Vysya Bank for development of a KIOSK screen.

  8. Major provision of supplies to Tata Lucent Technologies.
    Received a major order worth Rs 3 Crores from a single customer – the Department of Telecommunications – for supply of Computer Systems / Servers / Printers and Networking accessories.
    Started development of an effective Excise Software.
    Established offices in Delhi, Hyderabad & Coimbatore.
    Increased its total number of Channel Partners from 140 to 400 Supplied products to all major Govt., Defence, Banks and big Corporates.
    Began development of a Patient Management Software.

  9. IPO oversubscribed 5.36 times, even in a sluggish market.
    Company’s Share Capital rose from Rs 47.10 Lakhs to Rs 443.73 Lakhs Paid a dividend of 10% for the financial year, ended 31st March 2000.
    Established overseas Channel Partner in Africa, thereby initiating exports to Africa, Nepal & Australia.

    Launched Notebooks & U P S systems.
    Strategic alliances formed in USA, Germany and United Kingdom.
    Cerebra secured a software development project with an Australian firm.
    Obtained ISO 9002 Certification from KEMA, Netherlands.
    Offices established in 10 locations across the Country – Ahmedabad, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Calcutta, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

  10. India’s first design & manufacturing Unit – launch and formation of the Surface Mount Technology Division.
    Established overseas offices in Maryland, Oregon & Delft.
    Shares listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange in March.
    Expansion of Cerebra’s software development unit.
    Dividend of 20% declared for the year, ended March 31st, 2001.

  11. Established a branch office in Munich, Germany.
    Kranion products were manufactured by the ‘Surface Mount Technology’ Division, and was well accepted in the market.
    Dividend of 10% declared for the financial year ended 31st March 2002.
    Participation in CeBIT, Hanover and Comdex, USA.
    Appointed partners in Germany, UK, USA, Netherlands, Spain and Italy.
    Upgraded the ISO certificate to include the Software Division, and was awarded the coveted ISO 9001: 2000 standards for Cerebra. Hardware & Software Industries took a dip for the first time in a few years, due to a slowing down of the Global Economy, and the U.S Economy in particular.
    Launched the PDA both in Colour and Monochrome.
    Launch of CereMed, along with a suite of 19 HealthCare Products from the software division.
    Received a major order for supply of PCs, and development of a secure E-Mail Server & Client Network for the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  12. Hardware Division confirmed a major OEM order for the supply of PCs to the Insurance Sector.
    Surface Mount Technology Division shifted its focus from manufacturing to sub-contracts.
    Software Division received an order to create a Route Planner for Win CE based Mobile Applications.

  13. Following the tragic events on September 11th, 2001, the company incurred heavy losses and had to turn towards the Board for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction.

  14. Received a major OEM order for the supply of Desktop Computers from a major manufacturer.

  15. Share Capital saw an increase from 5.9 Crores to 7.2 Crores.

  16. A leading investor secures 14.5% stake in the company before restructuring the company.
    This change in structure increases Share Capital from 7.2 Crores to 15 Crores.
    Investors consisted of numerous HNIs, including a globally renowned Private Equity investor.
    Cerebra Integrated Technologies Limited officially became a debt-free company.

  17. The ITeS Division was officially operational.
    Opening of the LPO Division, offering Legal Support Services.
    Cerebra officially began its work in Medical Transcription.
    Cerebra achieved a positive Net Worth, ensuring large contract manufacturing orders from customers, in India and USA, to create Energy Meters, RFID products, Ticketing Machines, etc.

  18. Cerebra opened its official European headquarters in London, UK, in the name of Cerebra Europe Ltd, for the promotion of LPO businesses in these regions.
    The LPO Division secured a Summarisation & Review Project from a top US Law firm.

  19. Consolidation of ITeS Divisions, with contracts for LPO from Law firms in US and UK, and increasing the total number of Hospitals serviced by the Medical Transcription Division.
    Created the Enterprise Solutions Division, establishing a Partnership with Dell, IBM, HP, Oracle and other OEMs to offer enterprise-level IT solutions.

  20. Cerebra announces intentions to infuse Capital into one of India’s largest distributor enterprise, Geeta Monitors Private Limited, with a 51% stake in the company.
    Establishes Cerebra Middle East FZCO, a subsidiary to target the growing Server, Storage and Solutions Market in the Middle East. Cerebra Middle East operates as a Value Added Distributor for Fujitsu, Fibrenetix, Canon Technologies, Dothill, Milestone, Oracle and others. In addition, Cerebra Middle East will also target the E-Waste Market in the Middle East.
    Enterprise Mobility Solutions Division commenced operations in mid-January, 2011. The division developed various products and components that extended from Mobile Marketing Platforms to Bluetooth-based Content delivery.

  21. Cerebra begins its journey into the market of E-Waste Recycling with a facility in India, as well as plans to tap the vast potential of the E-Waste Market worldwide. In India, Cerebra runs a temporary E-Waste Recycling unit at Peenya, Bangalore.
    The Company plans to set up an integrated E-Waste Recycling unit at Narsapura, on the Kolar-Bangalore Highway, as a Special Purpose Entity. This unit will have a capacity of 96,000 Tons and will be set up on 10 acres of land, obtained on a 10 year Lease / Sale basis from KIADB.
    Cerebra’s strength lies in its loyal channels of work. In only two years, Cerebra ME (Dubai) developed an active partner base of 95 Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), across the region.
    Cerebra ME (Dubai) is evenly spread across the Middle East, with room for expansion into Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Africa.

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